I’ve been preparing for a first-year screener exam as part of my PhD program. This involves reading some 110 papers published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology between 2019 and 2020. At this point, I have a good sense of what work is being done in the field — and…

Or: Taking your beliefs to their logical conclusion

There’s a concept in philosophy known as the “utility monster”. The basic idea is that there may exist an agent that derives an incalculably large amount of utility from any given unit of resources than all of humanity does. Robert Nozick proposed…

Or: Good epistemic hygiene is important

In an 1877 paper, Cambridge mathematician and philosopher William Clifford describes the case of a shipowner about to make a sale:

“A shipowner was about to send to sea an emigrant-ship. He knew that she was old, and not overwell built at the first…

Ethan Milne

Current PhD student at the Ivey School of Business, researching consumer behaviour. I enjoy writing long-form explanations of niche academic books.

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